Another day, another dollar. It

Another day, another dollar. It was back to work as usual. Nothing exciting to report. I worked and stayed a little late to catch up after the holiday. Went home, met up with my honey and hit the grocery store. My mother and her girlfriend, Debi, (yes, for those who don’t know me, my Mom is a lesbian) are coming over for dinner on Thursday. I’m making Debi dinner for her birthday. I picked up some nice NY strips (2 for the birthday girl), some corn on the cob (my personal favorite), some potatoes for mashing (Mike’s favorite), salad (rabbit food) and dessert. It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve seen my folks, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Here is a little composition to fill some empty space.

The Metamorphisis – Provincial to Providence

If a bleeding heart could speak
It would say, meek and meager,
“You are blind!
You are without courage!
You, my love, are depraved.
Ask not what I would say,
Taste my sweat, my blood in a way
That would mend my wound.”

If a mended heart could speak
It would say, alive and passionate,
You are rich! You are righteous!
You, my love, are enlightened.
Ask now what I say,
Taste my spirit, my breath in a way
That would mend your soul.”

TFTD: It is truly splendid to reach a point in my life when there isn’t much to write about.

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