About a year ago I

About a year ago I posted a rant on my websiteabout blatant disrespect for the elderly. I think I need to re-visit the
issue today. My husband and I like to get breakfast at Village Inn on the weekends. There is often a church crowd that includes a majority of elderly individuals. My rant last year was about younger people taking all available seats while the older people stood waiting.

Well, I think what I saw today, may have topped that. It had to deal with the staff at Village Inn which I think is what irritates me the most. The host was ready to take a gentleman to his table. The customer walked with a cane and walked very slowly. The host didn’t seem to care. He made his way to the table with lightning speed, leaving the customer behind to eat his dust. Mr. Host Guy placed the menu on the table and walked away, while the customer was still making his way to the table and wasn’t even half way there. Well, I sat there fuming in my booth because not only was that disrespectful, but it was poor service! Then the waitress showed up to take his order. He was a little indecisive and talked a little slow. She seemed to have no patience with him what-so-ever. She even walked away from him at some point, although she returned moments later. He wasn’t sure what to order and he had questions for her. I’m not sure he was able to read the menu. She answered his questions, but again seemed to have no patience with him at all. She did eventually help him go over the menu, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t until she realized that she was going to need to help him in order to get the order taken. She didn’t make the decision out of respect or
even kindness.

What happened to the days when we showed the utmost respect to anyone older than us? It makes me sad that it isn’t even a consideration amongst people who are supposed to be providing customerservice…and their pay check depends on their customer service skills. I beg everyone to think about this and in response…hold the door open for someone, offer to carry their groceries, offer them your seat when you can ably stand in their place. If you won’t do it out of respect, do it because I guarantee you will feel good afterwards.

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