I remember where I was

I remember where I was when I first heard the news. I remember trying to get to CNN and not being able to. I remember the days that followed. My eyes were glued to television as I watched this tragic moment replayed over and over. Each day it seemed the footage became more graphic, showing people jumping to their death, playing phone calls made to family members before losing their life, America coming together, flags being displayed, patriotism at an all time high.

We have a clocktower at my company that rang the bells at 7:46 and rang them again at 9:30, followed by a bell rendition of “God Bless America”. I stood outside our building, listening and praying for those who lost loved ones. However, after that, I went on with life as normal. I don’t want to give any more to the terrorists than they already took from us. I want to celebrate the lives of the heros and loved ones lost to this tragedy. I want to celebrate the patriotism and unity that followed.

I am concerned that the unity and patriotism is fading away, what short memories we have….

TFTD: “Are you closer today to the person you were on 9/10/01, or the person you discovered on 9/11/01? Remember. Reflect. Learn.” ~Glenn Beck

Where I work:

It is a beautiful sight.

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