Well, I hope my baby

Well, I hope my baby had a nice birthday. He got some cool stuff!

A drafting table & graphics tablet.  So he can keep making that artwork that he makes so well.  Friday night we visited his family.  He has a great family.  Three brothers that are strong, honest and loving guys and two excellent parents.  They are all a joy to be with.  Today we went to see Underworld.  I’m a sucker for a good vampire flick and in my opinion this was a good one and good vampire flicks are hard to come by.  I love movies that make me jump in my seat.  This one did it repeatedly.  It was kind of like Romeo and Juliette gone goth with Matrixish special effects.  If you like vampire movies, I’d recommend it.  It tipped off the "goreometer" though, so if you don’t like gore, best stay away.  Well, this little girl needs to be heading to bed.

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