1. I am happily married.

1. I am happily married.
2. I am 5′ 7.5″.
3. I have naturally brown hair.
4. I have blue/green/gray eyes. They change color with my clothes and occasionally my mood.
5. My mother is a lesbian.
6. In high school, I was in ROTC,
7. And the Latin Club,
8. And the Future Educators of America Club.
9. I’ve been to the Rocky Horror Picture Show 80+ times, in three different theaters, in three different states,
10. I’ve lived in Iowa, Nebraska, Utah, California and Tennessee (in chronological order),
11. I am a survivor (not a victim) of child molestation.
12. My favorite food is sushi.
13. My second favorite food is crab-legs.
14. My favorite color is pink.
15. I have two half-brothers, 3 stepbrothers and 2 stepsisters. However, I personally feel I have 7 siblings.
16. I cry at movies, awards shows and songs that touch me.
17. I love all of gods creatures…
18. Even snakes and spiders.
19. I’m particularly fond of dogs, cats, birds, squirrels and butterflies,
20. I want to have a child,
21. I lost a child, by miscarriage, 11 years ago,
22. I share my birthday with a good friend (who has been in my life since high school) Brenda.
23. I once participated on a sea-a-float, whale watching field trip in the 6th grade.
24. While on the sea-a-float, I ate one Frito from my bag lunch and fed the fish a whole lot more when I got sea sick over the edge of the ship.
25. In grade school, a friend and I created our own language called Katsi. “Phillipe kapadro remy” = I love Mike.
26. I participated in a Talent Show in the 6th grade. I sang and danced to “Fame”.
27. I’ve had a total of 5 last names.
28. I have 4 cats – Reba, Nate, Tigger and Fizzgig.
29. I have a dog – Taz-Cee Mae.
30. I have a bird – Bingo.
31. I have 3 exes that are now gay (that I know of).
32. I lived with a legal guardian for 2+ years of my childhood.
33. My uncle is a fireman.
34. I once dated a guy that thought he was a vampire.
35. I’ve been engaged 4 times.
36. I’ve never been out of the United States of America.
37. I am a Christian.
38. I was once an atheist.
39. I once practiced Wicca.
40. I went to a catholic school.
41. I went to a Greek Orthodox Church.
42. I was once a practicing vegetarian, but only because I had a hard time finding meat that I liked.
43. Now, I love a juicy, medium rare, fillet mignon.
44. I spent two months in a mental hospital.
45. My favorite cartoons as a child were Popeye and the Hanna Barbera Olympics.
46. My favorite cartoons now are Home Movies, Sea Lab 2020 and The Oblongs.
47. I love scary movies.
48. The only movie that really scared the heck out of me was Trilogy of Terror.
49. My favorite alcoholic beverage is a Margarita, on the rocks, with salt.
50. My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is Oregon Chai.
51. My childhood nickname is Flower.
52. I was named after a Donovan song.
53. My middle name is a variation of my father’s middle name, Eugene.
54. I was a member of a Methodist church in Los Angeles.
55. Kenny Rogers was a member of the same church.
56. I snuck into a public pool, late at night in high school.
57. On the same occasion, I seriously injured my knee while jumping off the tower diving board.
58. Also on the same occasion, I exacerbated the injury, by jumping a fence and running from the police after being found at the pool. (Yes, very young and very stupid)
59. My favorite singer/musician is Jewel.
60. I’ve been to the following concerts: Jewel and Susanne Vega
61. My favorite musical is Phantom of the Opera.
62. My favorite play is More Fun Than Bowling.
63. I am a trained professional dog groomer, although not practicing.
64. I work in the corporate world now for a large food and agriculture company.
65. I lived on a farm once. It had no furnace or a/c. In the winter everyone slept in one room by the wood-burning stove.
66. I’ve owned 8 cars in my life…
67. My first car was a ’80 Ford Pinto.
68. My second car was a ’63 Ford Galaxy.
69. My third car was a ’59 Ford Fairlane.
70. My fourth car was an 80-something Plymouth Horizon.
71. My fifth car was a ’69 Dodge Dart.
72. My sixth car was an 80-something Datsun.
73. My seventh car was a 90 Ford Tempo
74. My eight car is a ’96 Ford Contour.
75. I totaled my first car, two-weeks after getting my driver’s license.
76. The accident was so bad that I shouldn’t have survived.
77. I, literally, wrapped the car around a tree and came a few feet from falling into and 30-foot ravine.
78. I walked away with a few scratches and a nasty case of whiplash.
79. My dream car is a mini-van, station wagon or SUV.
80. I am a volunteer for the Omaha Community Playhouse.
81. I love to sing.
82. I love karaoke.
83. I have had one ex-step-father, 1 ex-step-mother, 1 ex-chippy-that-my-mom-stayed-with-for-11-years.
84. I now have two step-moms.
85. I have 9 nephews and 3 nieces. (I hope I counted right!)
86. I hate talking on the telephone.
87. I am a Capricorn, although, I don’t believe in horoscopes.
88. I do believe in ghosts.
89. I also believe in aliens.
90. I haven’t decided if I believe in various X-creatures (big foot, lochness monster, etc.)
91. I am addicted to the computer.
92. I own a home with my husband.
93. My favorite TV-shows are Friends, ER and Boston Public.
94. My favorite series of all time was the X-Files.
95. I smoked for 11 years.
96. I started smoking when I was nine, but didn’t officially pick-up the habit until I was 13.
97. I’ve been smoke-free for about 5+ years.
98. Bad customer service infuriates me.
99. I’m a very generous tipper.
100. This took me two days to complete.

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