Okay first my Unconscious Mutterings:

Okay first my Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Savings:: Account
  2. On:: Line
  3. Wire:: Transfer
  4. Word:: Letter
  5. Bladder:: Pee
  6. Missing:: Persons
  7. Side:: Ways
  8. Window:: Sill
  9. Digit:: Finger
  10. Swirl:: Mocha

That was a fun little ditty I picked up from Dusty! Oh and Dusty, I only read your first response before I clicked the link to get more information. So my answers aren’t tainted by any one else’s thoughts. Fun that we still ended up with some matching words!

Okay, now for all the excitement. Mike and I purchased new furniture for our living room today! YAY! I’m so damned excited. We bought a new couch, loveseat, cocktail table and end table. Our living room is currently a hodgepodge of various furniture that we accumulated either by hand-me-down or yard/garage sale. It is scheduled for delivery on 10/07, so it will be here before my next Mah Jongg party! Woot! Okay, starting the count down: 13 days before delivery.

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