Well, the weekend is just

Well, the weekend is just about over. I’ll head to bed in a few minutes and wake up for another week of work. It was a great weekend though. Friday night was GNO. G-irls N-ight O-ut. The plan was to go to dinner and a bar. We didn’t make it past dinner. We had a yummy meal, but after a long weekend and a good meal, we ended up too tired to proceed. Well, not me, but many of the others. I was ready to go. 😦 Ah well, GNO is a once a month event, so maybe next time.

Saturday was my favorite. We have a new theater in our city. You see, I’m very picky about my movie theater. Until now, my husband and I drove 30 minutes to get to the theater I preferred. It is a multi-plex with love-seat, stadium-style seating and huge screens. Our little city only had these crappy rinky-dink theaters with horrible seating, lousy service and poor temperature controlling. Alas, they have opened a new theater just 5 minutes from home. It was a beautiful thing. It has stadium seating, large screens and the nicest employees ever. To top it off we saw Secondhand Lions…the greatest movie of all time!

Today we hung out at home. Stayed in our pj’s all day and cuddled on the couch. We watched The Life of David Gale amongst other cable movies and lazed around all day. It was also a beautiful thing!

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