What a lousy day… 1.

What a lousy day…

1. Everyone is preping for a big meeting today.
2. Copier is jamming every 5 minutes and today is the day when everyone needs copies for the meeting.
3. Copier guy says there is nothing wrong with the machine, it must be bad paper.
4. Replaced all the paper…still jamming.
5. Computers in the meeting room is broken. Tech guys said he think they received a shock. He gets them working (for the most part). I use them all morning just fine and then 5 minutes before the meeting they go wonky again.
6. The lunch order arrives and it is all screwed up. They people responsible for prep decided to ignore the numbers I gave them and then made the mistake of giving me attitude about it.
7. Family member calls regarding huge family drama,
8. One of my boss’ staff screwed up his schedule and my boss is very unhappy about it. I get to be the punching bag.
9. A friend calls to yell at me about some obligations that I’ve been unable to fill.
10. I end up in tears (not typical business behavior from me I might add).
11. Big, all-day meeting tomorrow.
12. Still no copier.
13. Computers are still wonky.
14. Nothing I can do, but figure out a bunch of pima work-arounds.

Someone help me, I’m drowning…

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