Darn it…another weekend came and

Darn it…another weekend came and went. With the exception of Friday, it wasn’t the greatest weekend. I’ve got the “change of season crud” that travels around the Midwest every fall. I hope it will go away soon, because I’d really like to enjoy the last few beautiful days of fall. I’m sure that we will be springing into winter very soon. Enough about all that lets start at the beginning.

Friday night I threw a Mah Jongg party at my house and I think it went over very well. My husband was wonderful. He has a hard time with social gatherings, but you never would have guessed it on Friday. I got to see so many of my friends. New friends, old friends and estranged friends. It was a wonderful evening. I really enjoyed myself. I think my new furniture was a hit too. We had a couple Mah Jongg games going for most of the evening. One in the dining room and one in the living room. As the evening slowed down, a few of us played Soul Calibur II until we were ready to call it quits for the night. Thanks to everyone for showing up and making the night a success.

Saturday we visited Mike’s family. We got to see his niece for the first time in months. She’s been living in Korea with her mother. We got to meet his Sister-in-Law for the first time. I’m so glad that they will be living together as a family soon. I’m also extremely glad that his parents got to spend some time with their grand-daughter. I know they have missed her terribly.

Today, the only thing we did is price some flooring for our living room and dining room. We spent the rest of the day at home. We were planning on seeing Kill Bill, but hopefully, I’ll be feeling more up to it next weekend. All right folks, me and my cough drops are off to bed.

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