1. How often do you

1. How often do you change or add to your blogroll list? If you don’t use blogroll, how often do you add or change links to your ‘favorite reads’ list? I don’t update my favorites on any type of schedule. If I find a new favorite, I add it. If one of my favorites go away, I remove it.
2. Do you visit your blogrolls regularly? If so, how often? I visit my favorites every day and usually several times a day.
3. Do you visit other people’s blogrolls or ‘faves’ list? On occasion, but I usually just stick to my own.
4. About how many blogs have you blogrolled (or have linked on your blog)? Eleven
5. Do you change your layout or color scheme regularly? If so, how often? If not, have you thought about changing the look of your blog? Feel free to elaborate! I love the current look of my blog and don’t intend to change it for quite some time, if ever.

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