Okay, I'm mad as hell

Okay, I’m mad as hell and you all are going to have to hear about it. About a week ago, I heard a news bit on the radio about a guy who beat and raped a mentally challenged woman. He was convicted and sentenced and could make it out on parole in 4 years. WTF? 4 years???? This woman, who has the mental capacity of a 4th grader will live with this for the rest of her life and he gets 4 years?

Now to top it off, my husband works at a local YMCA. They have a print out of the local sex offenders. Now this is a list of sex offenders that are now released from prison, have “served their time” and are living in our neighborhoods.

Okay, okay, I believe that once someone has served their time they should be able to live their life with out persecution, providing they abide by the law. That being said, these sentences are ridiculous. Someone should not be able to sexually assault a child (and one case an 82 year old woman) and be out on the streets in ten years. If you flip through this list you should be disgusted and incensed that this is even a possibility.

Maybe I take this issue a little too personal. I am a survivor of child molestation. I was sexually abused at the age of 4. I read this list and shake my head. OMG people, there is someone on this list that sexually assaulted a 3 year old in 1991 and he’s considered HIGH risk. He walks the street today. There are people that have been convicted of child molestation on two different occasions and are allowed to walk the streets today. Okay, let me set this up for you…charged with sexual assault with a child once and convicted…served time and released. Charged with sexual assault of a child after release and convicted…walking the streets again today?? How can this be?

Now, if you clicked any of those links you are probably furious. I must bring you back to reality. The people on this list are just the ones that are considered a risk. A risk? What are they doing out if they are considered a risk? Okay another reality check for you…this doesn’t even begin to touch the massive number of people that didn’t get caught. I know this because I lived it. When this happened to me, I wouldn’t have told a soul. The perpetrator threatened to hurt people I love. I wouldn’t have allowed that to happen. It wasn’t until I was much older and wiser that I could call his bluff. By then it was too late. These people are sick. There is something wrong with them. Again I draw on my own experience. I found out last year that my childhood perpetrator had his son taken away from him, because, you guessed it, he was molesting his own son. I’m shaking my head with a tear in my eye as I repeat this right now…his own son.

We need to watch this. We need to watch these judges that give the minimal sentences out. This is something we can control. Read your paper, read the convictions, stay informed, take note of the judges names. When it is time to re-elect in your area, make damn sure that you don’t re-elect these judges. This is important, these victims could be your children…your grandchildren…your sisters and brothers…your nieces and nephews…your loved ones.

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