1. If you could have

1. If you could have the*original* of anything, what would you want? Would you keep it for yourself, or would you share it with others? I honestly can’t think of any *original* thing I’d want for myself. I suppose there are a few things that my loved ones might enjoy. My Dad would love to have an original photo of Marilyn Monroe to add to his collection. I’d love to give that to him. I also think my husband would love more original artwork by Mike Krahulik with Penny Arcade. I’d love to be able to give him more!

2. If you could carve your name in stone anywhere, where would it be? I would carve it into a pyramid. That way, maybe the aliens will think I’m someone worth saving when they decide to invade earth.

3. If you had a personal valet or maid who would perform one task for you each day, what would that task be? Would that be a good thing to have, or a bad thing? I know this isn’t a valet or maid, but if I could afford a personal servant, I’d want a massage therapist. A daily massage…that’s the ticket!

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