What do you put

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What do you put on to feel sexy?
Lingerie, of course, is designed to make us feel sexy, but what do you put on just for you, that others may never notice, to make yourself feel sexy? Tell your readers about one particular item (or set of items) that you put on to impress yourself rather than the outside world, to inspire sensuality in yourself. Is it a particular set of under garments? Perhaps wearing your hair a new and provocative way? Does an expensive perfume, worn on only the most important of occassions, make you feel sexy?

Well, I think I’d have to say bubbles. I feel the absolute sexiest when I’m resting in a hot bubble bath, only my head and maybe knees visible. My skin just barely visible underneath of a thick layer of opalescent bubbles. The steam rising and the hot water causing just the tiniest sparkle of sweat on my face. Candle light dancing on the room and whatever skin might be exposed. Most of the time I’m by myself, so it isn’t like lingerie or clothing. I wear those to be sexy in the eye of the beholder, but in bubbles, I’m the sexiest woman I ever met (in my own head).

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