1. Do you usually dress

1. Do you usually dress up for Halloween? Most years my Mom has a haunted garage and I’m usually the monster.
2. Do you attend any Halloween costume parties or contests? I haven’t in a long time, but I would if the opportunity presented itself.
3. How much, if any, Halloween decorations do you put up in your house or yard? I only have a few decorations and I’m horrible about putting them out. I would like to be much better about it.
4. Do you pass out tricks or treats? If yes, do many trick or treaters stop by your house? Well, this year will be the first year that we’ve handed out treats at our home. So, I’ll probably have an answer for you next year. 😉
5. What is your favorite Halloween/scary movie? I don’t have a favorite. I really love all scary movies. Except for ‘Scary Movie’…I don’t care for that one at all.

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