Onesome: Cheap– Cheap thrills? Are

Onesome: Cheap– Cheap thrills? Are you and yours doing anything for Halloween? Parties? Trick or treating? Staying home with the lights out and an axe visible in the window? I’m going to stay home with my handsome hubby and hand out candy (for the first year in our home) to the neighborhood children.

Twosome: wax– Hey, are you a ‘candle person’? I mean, is that one of your decorating motifs? …or does this fall under something like the “No Sharp Objects” rule in your life? I’m somewhere in the middle. I like candles, but I rarely purchase them. So, whatever candles I have, I’ve received as a gift. I burn them on occassion, but usually they just remain decor.

Threesome: treatment– Speaking of treatments: do you decorate for Fall? Halloween? Thanksgiving? …or just pretend that deceased plant in the corner really just lost its leaves for the winter? I have decorations for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving and about every other year, I get ambitious enough to bring them out of storage and display them.

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