If you were to describe

If you were to describe your first kiss, what would you say? Are you wanting a physical description, emotional description or both? Well, I remember it very well. It was in the alley behind my Grandma’s house after dark. We were about half way down the alley behind a shed. His name was Matt. I had a crush on Matt for quite a while and we were “going out”. Which of course meant nothing at the time. I think I was in 6th grade. We were walking along the alley when he stopped me behind the shed. Then he kind of leaned into me which caused me to fall gently against the shed. Then he kissed me. I remember my heart racing and then in moments his tongue was in my mouth. I remember just standing there for a second with my mouth open and receiving the kiss, before I actually gathered up the courage to return the gesture. It was exhilerating. I could have stayed there forever, but only moments later, I heard my Grandma’s voice calling my cousins and I to come inside for the night. That night I fell asleep to the most fantastic dreams of the young and innocent yet passionate flashbacks of the previous day.

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