Well, every season there is

Well, every season there is usually one show at the local playhouse that I just don’t like. Saturday evening, I watched that show.

The evening started out very nice with a lovely dinner at the Indian Oven. Dusty and I enjoyed some mulligatawny soup with garlic naan. Hubby had soup and naan too, but didn’t enjoy it much. πŸ˜‰ Then I talked Dusty into getting a nice Tandoori platter, I ordered the Chicken Tikke Masala and my hubby ordered the Chicken Tikke. It was scrumptious. I think Dusty enjoyed his platter and my hubby didn’t mind his dish either. I’m not sure he loved it but if it wasn’t a hamburger or mashed potatoes, chances are he didn’t love it. We all ordered dessert too. Dusty had the mango cheesecake and hubby had the chocolate cheesecake. I had my usual, Kheer and Dusty gave it a try and decided that he would have that next time. Hubby was happy and said he should have just ordered three cheesecakes. πŸ˜‰ I love the Indian Oven. The atmosphere is so contemporary and fun inside the tiny incense filled restaurant. I keep thinking that I should try Ahmad’s or one of the other restaurants in the area that serve Indian cuisine, but I’m so happy with the Indian Oven. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

So, we left the restaurant and went to “That Pottery Place” to pick up my pottery. This was the first disappointment of the evening. They were closed and I had to wait until Sunday. That was a huge bummer because I was very excited.

Then we headed on over to the playhouse. We toured the coat closet and dropped off our garments then headed over to the bar. We ordered a couple of drinks. They were served in teeny, tiny plastic cups as usual, but they were only half full. It was probably a little less then a Dixie cup portion. While delicious, the size was very disappointing for a $4 beverage. That makes disappointment #2.

Then there is the show, bringing us to disappointment #3. We went to see Misery. I was anxious to see how they would adapt this production to the stage, however, I was unimpressed. The story was pretty close to the movie, however probably a little more like the novel. I guess what bothered me the most was the minimalist set design. A sillouette of a farm house and furniture, walls, doors and windows dropped down onto the stage when needed to create the illusion of a room or separate two rooms. It was a great idea with poor execution. It seemed like we would have 5 minutes of the production and then one minute of downtime for set modification…another five minutes and more set modification. So an hour into the show I was forcing myself to stay awake during the downtime. It probably would have been an hour and a half…at most…without all of the set modification. It is a dark story with a haunting theme. A story like that is typically going to move a little slow on it’s own. This show crawled at a snail’s pace. On the upside, I think the actors did very well. Mary Theresa Green was a very believable Anne Wilkes and Jamie Lewis did a splendid job of bringing Paul Sheldon to life. However, if given the opportunity to go back in time, I would have rather spent the evening with Dusty and my hubby playing Soul Calibur 2.

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