1. If you were offered

1. If you were offered a 60-second slot during the Superbowl to say or promote anything you wanted, how would you use that time? I don’t have anything to sell and I hate sports. I suppose I would just use the air time to tell the people I love and care about how thankful I am to have them in my life.

2. Besides the Thursday Thumb Twiddler, what else did you think would last longer than it did? Dark Angel. Man that was a good show.

3. If you could say good-bye to someone you never got a chance to, who would it be? My cousin, Wilma Jean. She committed suicide two days before her youngest daughter’s first birthday. Her oldest daughter ended up in a Cinderella type situation. Step-dad placed her in the role of replacement mom at age 7. I guess I don’t really want to say goodbye as much as beg her not to do it and try to make her realize the blessing and gifts she had been given.

A fondest farewell to this happy little Thursday meme….

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