Well, I'm not a big

Well, I’m not a big Rush Limbaugh fan, but my husband is. In fact I really can’t stand the guy. Not necessarily because of his views, I think as far as his views are concerned, we are on the same page most of the time. It is the presentation. His cocky, arrogant way of presenting himself has always turned me off. Then when I found out that he was addicted to pain killers that he was acquiring via the black market, I was disgusted. Not so much that he was an addict. Honestly, that happens to the best of us. It was the “black market” part that bothered me most. Someone with his knowledge and devout concern for social and economic issues knows that black market prescriptions are part of the reason why our health care cost have sky rocketed, not to mention anything sold black market is damaging to the economy.

When I found out that Rush was going off to air to go to a treatment center, I assumed it was just lip service. I really believed that he was just doing what he needed to do to avoid the heavy hand of the law. I owe Mr. Limbaugh an apology. I listened to the first part of his show yesterday. There is no doubt in my mind that he is fighting a very serious addiction and that he didn’t just attend a treatment facility but he accepted treatment for his addiction. His opening monologue was genuine and sincere. Anyone who has been through addiction treatment could hear the honesty in his voice. I doubt that I’ll ever subscribe to his method of preaching, but I do have more respect for him now than I ever have. I hope that he continues his therapy and that he is able to keep this monkey off his back. My best wishes to the man with “talent on loan from God“.

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