All you have to do

All you have to do for this week’s questions is put a number (1-10) as your answer; 1 being worse or lowest, 10 being best or highest. Let’s have some fun! The following questions all begin with…
On a scale from one to ten………
1. How proficient are you in typing? 8
2. How well-organized are you? 6
3. How adventurous are you? 2
4. How cool is the outfit that you’re wearing right now? 1
5. How well do you sing in the shower? 9
6. How cool do your kids think you are? n/a
7. How well do you manage your money? 5
8. How efficient are you when it comes to meeting deadlines? 9
9. How much do you like winter? 4
10. How big of a ‘pack-rat’ are you? 2

Since I missed last week’s:
1. How many memes do you participate in regularly? 7ish. I was trying to do a meme a day, but I got out of the habit for a while.
2. How do you decide which memes you participate in? Sometimes I have several I review and just end up going with the one with the most interesting questions or the most applicable questions for my life.
3. Do you run one of your own meme? If so, please leave your link! If not, have you thought of running your own? Yes, I run the Tuesday Iffers.
4. Is there a certain day of the week that works better for you to answer memes than others? Nah, it all depends on what I have going on and if I have the time that day.

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