And now time for the

And now time for the :

If you were given a bottomless cash supply to use for Christmas presents but only if you donated $5,000 to a charitable cause(s) who/what would you give $5,000 to?There are so many wonderful charitable causes out there. I could probably analysze a list for hours and try and distribute it to so many that in the end each would be getting only a few dollars. So, in the end it would be best to just give it to something I feel passionately about. That would be the local human society and/or ASPCA.

*Bonus: How would you spend your Christmas money and on whom? Oh, if only this were true. Every family member and friend would get a Christmas present.

My handsome husband: A DVD Burner, a secret gift that I can’t say cause he reads this and might get it someday, an mp3 player, a scottish claymore…I’m sure there is more, but I can’t think of it now.
The Roberts’: A wide screen TV
Mom: A professional website for her catering company
Debi: Tickets to a Seatle Seahawks homegame with of course a nice trip to go along with it.
Dad & Teresa: Some significant Marilyn Monroe memorabilia for Dad. I’d probably have to spend some time with Teresa to try and get some good ideas for her.
Mike & Lea: Computer classes (ha! just kidding). Mike would get a cool Deadpool or Silver Surfer bust and Lea would get a day spa package.
Bud: He’s at the age where he’d probably just want cash.
Drew: I think cool toys are still the way to go with Drew
John: Another one that could probably use some $.

Dang that is just the beginning of the family. I’ll probably have to finish later.

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