I don't care if you've

I don’t care if you’ve read the books. I don’t care if you aren’t big on fantasy movies. I just don’t care…because you simply must see the Lord of the Rings trilogy. That being said, the “Return of the King” was the greatest. It was over 3 hours long, but it never felt like a 3 hour movie and when it was over, I still wanted more. I didn’t have to take a restroom break but if I did, I would have sat there until my eyes were floating and I could no longer enjoy the visual masterpiece before me. It was incredible. I applaud Mr. Sean Astin. He carried this show and he carried it with ease. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt so close to a movie character. If I ever have to go on a mission to some strange place with unusual and dangerous creatures I hope I have a Samwise Gamgee tour guide!

Then today, my handsome husband and I went to Peter Pan. Okay, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Part of me thought “how many times can this movie be redone and still be interesting”. The other part of me thought “Can you over do a classic?”. From what I gathered from the previews this was a “big screen” movie. Well, after seeing it, I am now of the mind that you can’t over do a classic and it IS a big screen movie. There are very few movies made these days that can entertain everyone in the family. This was a family flick, all the way and an excellent reproduction. I think this movie followed the story book version of the tale more closely than movies of the past. I must also commend the casting for this movie. Jeremy Sumpter delivered an excellent performance. He gave the character, Peter Pan, a little more depth than we’ve seen in the past. I felt like I could get so much just from the expression on his face. Jason Isaacs was superb also. He was deliciously villainous yet truly endearing. It was superb and I highly recommend for the family or those of you adults, like my hubby and I, who are just over-grown kids.

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