Well, I've been home on

Well, I’ve been home on vacation since December 23rd. I go back to work on Monday. This has been a much needed break, but I sure don’t wanna go back. I’ll admit, I am missing some of my co-workers, but it is going to be crazy trying to catch up after that long. Fortunately, I’ve been connecting from home each night and going through e-mail. When you get about 300 e-mails a day (no lie) they can get away from you fast. It has been a nice break. We saw a couple movies, we did the holiday thing, spent some time with friends (way nice to see you Cris and Scott!). It has been lovely and I’m finding it hard not to fight off the sunday blahs* and it is only Thursday.

Coming soon: Family Pictures, Bruce Almighty Review, Theatrical Update and the fl0w3r-ladas recipe.

*Sunday Blahs = That feeling you get when you know the weekend is drawing to a close and you have to go back to work on Monday. Sunday blahs can happen any day of the week during a vacation, depending on when you go back to work.

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