Got some good family pictures

Got some good family pictures over the holidays:

My mother and father-in-law, Adam & Tiffany (my brother-in-law and his fiance), Nate (my other brother-in-law), another one of Nate, Ryan & Eun Ju (one more brother-in-law and his wife), and Ryan’s cat Sasa.

Plus a bunch of pictures of our niece Amelia:
Amelia #1 (intentionally cropped to show my father-in-law’s painting of Nate as a child), Amelia #2 (and her mom), Amelia #3 (She’s so darned cute!), Amelia #4 (Playing with the our Christmas present to her, which she later decided to throw all over the living room 🙂 ), Amelia #5 (She has sooo much personality), Amelia #6 (I tought her that and he mom isn’t very happy about it. It’s my job as an aunt though, right?) and Amelia #7 (I didn’t teach her that).

Guess who got most the camera time. Look at that face, can you blame me?

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