Strong To The Finich…

And now time for the
(okay, well it is way past time, but I’m catching up):

If eating a can of spinach could temporarily bring superhuman strength to any part of your body, which part would you select and why?

I’ve been hard of hearing since I was four years old. It isn’t bad enough to require a hearing aid, but bad enough to cause some major irritation. I listen to the tv louder than anyone else. I have a hard time hearing my alarm in the morning and sometimes can’t hear it at all depending on what side I’m laying on. My husband always has to walk on my right side and sit on my right side. If we go to the theater with friends, I can only hear the person on my right side. I have to turn my head all the way around to hear someone on the left. I’d eat that spinach and send it straight to my ears!

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