Here is the Sunday Brunch:

1. When you were a teenager, did you sneak out of the house?
Many times. I snuck people into the house too.

2. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?
Yup, and dried off by the heat blazing from a pit fire.

3. Have you ever dyed your hair a wild and crazy color?
Not really wild and crazy, but I’ve been every usual color, except raven black. Burgundy was probably the wildest color I’ve gone.

4. Did you ever get so drunk you couldn’t remember much of the night?
Not really. There have been times when I wished I couldn’t remember the night before.

5. Tell us about something wild and crazy you did as a teenager you probably should have gotten in trouble for but never got caught.
I broke into a public swimming pool while extremely intoxicated, jumped of a high diving board, damaged my knee for the rest of my life. Ran from the police when we got busted, jumped a fence probably injuring my knee more. Got out of there without getting busted by the police, made it home and the next day when I couldn’t walk, I said I fell down the stairs and injured my knee. I was about as sharp as a bag of wet mice and I should have been caught.

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