Bad Boys II – 2 fl0w3rs

This was an “okay” movie. If you liked the first Bad Boys, you will probably like this one. Spoiler might follow:

It is a healthy dose of testosterone cinema for sure, and it is NOT a family movie. I repeat, NOT a family movie. The violence and gore topped the charts, as well as the casual use of the “F-bomb”. I must admit it is hard for me to see Will Smith with such a foul mouth. I have a great deal of respect for him since he does not use that tone in his music and he has quite a few family-friendly movies to his credit. I would not say that I have lost respect, but it is hard to see him in this light?and somewhat disappointing.

With the exception of the adrenalin filled action, not much in this movie was too great. I will say that it had one of the most exhilarating car chases I have ever seen. (Close runner-ups would be the Matrix and Terminator 3.) The acting was sub-par. The humor was average. Go ahead and check it out if it is on cable or you are hard up for a no-holds barred, guy movie. Otherwise, there are probably better movies out there to consume your money and time.

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