Islands In The Stream

If you were lost on a desert island and could take with you one book, one CD (they have a player there), and one outfit, what would you choose and why?

One book – I’m not a big reader. I occassionally sink into a book but not too often. So, I really can’t think of any specific author or title that I’d like to have. I have always said that I wished I knew and understood the bible. I think this would be the perfect opportunity. I choose the bible.

One CD – I’d want two things and with the power of modern technology I could have them. In order to keep my sanity, I’d need to hear my husband’s voice and I’d need to be able to sing. I would make a cd with some Jewel, Donovan and various other artist with songs I like to sing and between each song a sound bite of my husbands sweet voice.

One Outfit – It’s all about comfort. I’m not sure if there would ever be cold weather or cold nights, so I’d probably opt for sweat pants, tennis shoes and a tank/sweater combination. I’d only use the shoes, if the ground were dangerous or the weather was bad. The sweater and pants could come off if the weather were warm. I’d hang out in my tank and undies.

This is starting to sound pretty nice. If only I could take my husband, I’d leave tomorrow!

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