That's More Like It

Okay, I’m back to thinking that the talent is ready for this season’s show. Only two of these folks can go through, but I have a feeling we’ll see a couple of these folks again as wild card picks. My performance synopsis:

Ordered by my favorite at the top and least favorite at the bottom.

Hot Patootie (LaToya London) – Wow! This girl’s got some vocals. Wow! She worked the crowd like no other. Wow! She’s so pretty. Did I mention…”Wow!”?

Cheap Talent (Elizabeth LeTendre) – I’m not sure what Simon thought was cheap, but I like her. She did well with the song. She is confident and cute.

Pehnen Teller (Jon Peter Lewis) – Okay, he didn’t sing as well as the two above but I’d really like to see him move on. There is something about him. Perhaps because he is so genuine and sincere. He’s not trying to be something he isn’t, he’s just trying to win with himself in tact.

Pink (Amy Adams) – I like her. She’s bubbley. She’s adorable. She’s got talent…..but Simon’s right. She sounds like she belongs on the broadway stage.

Sweet Geek (Eric Yoder) – He did all right. It wasn’t phenomenal but it was good. He’s so sweet though. Can’t he get through on sweetness factor?

Indi-cow-girl(Charly Lowry) – I thought it was an average performance. It was probably equivalent, in my opinion, to Sweet Geek’s but he just seems a little more likeable.

Material Girl (Leah LaBelle) – Okay, first of all, what exactly was she wearing? It was like an 80’s flashback or something. Second, what where the judges talking about. I don’t think she did anything good for that song. It’s like another case of “Hula Girl” syndrome. They must see something I don’t.

Hawaii-Fifty-0(Jonah Moananu) – Well, I never thought his vocals were good enough for this show and I still don’t. It was a bad song and poorly sung. I’m not a sizeist, but I think we could run into the “Rueben-one-place-on-stage” problem, if he get’s through. I just don’t think he can move and sing at the same time.

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