Better Late Than Never

Overall on AI last night I’d have to say that there just weren’t any great singers. Two will get through, though. Maybe we’ll get to watch them grow and step it up in the next few weeks.

Flower (Jasmine Trias) – She definitely had the best vocals of the night and she has done the best job of representing Hawaii. She is cute as a button, too. I think we will see some more from her.

VOOlatha (Susie Vulaca) – She did very well. I would say she was one of the second best performers of the evening. I would not mind seeing her make it through. She has a very interesting look too.

Cat Woman (Tiara Purifoy) – I think she ranked right up there with VOOlatha if not just a little better. I would not mind seeing her make it through.

Young Blue Eyes (John Stevens) – Okay, he is probably too young and unseasoned. He did not perform well and the song choice sucked. I don’t know, maybe it is my age, but I love this kids voice. It is so smooth and comforting. I would love to listen to an entire album of that magnificently soft and smoky voice. I do not think he will move on after last night, but I sure wouldn’t mind to see him move on.

Sass ‘n Squeak (Heather Piccinini) – I liked something about her squeaky style. I do not think she sounded like Caldwell at all but she has a little bit of an attitude. She was not the best singer of the night but she was not the worst either.

Goofy McDoogal (George Huff) – Okay, I am certain that Randy is determined to cast a good vote for the black singers. He said that Goofy McD was the best male vocalist so far. He is smoking something. While Goofy did not suck, he certainly was not the best male vocal so far. Both his performance and vocals were average.

Milton (John Preator) – Nice smile. That is really all I can say. The song was not good. The performance was not good. Probably the second worst on last night’s show.

Jugs (Lisa Wilson) – Yikes. To use an already overly used Simon phrase: It was dreadful, ghastly. She could probably make a real good living at Hooters though. She should not have come this far and if fortune is smiling on the listeners, she will not go any further.

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