Passion of Christ – 5 fl0w3rs

There will be no spoiler, since most of us are familiar with the story. Let me just say, if you have not seen this, please do. Whether you are an atheist, catholic, Christian, Semite, etc. you will walk away enlightened. I do not necessarily think your views or beliefs will change, nor do I think they should. Although I’m guessing more than a few people left this movie feeling a little bit closer to God. There is so much more to this movie than just the “Sunday School” recount we have been taught. This is an emotional masterpiece with an interesting depiction of Satan/evil. I can tell you that I walked away feeling closer to Christ than I have in years. Mr. Gibson is a true evangelist.

Disclaimer: Everything you have heard about the violence is true. This movie was very difficult to watch and I found myself looking away from the screen more than once. The difference is that this violence is not senseless. The extreme violence is there to drive the point home that Jesus suffered and died for us. I realize now more than ever what that meant. Be prepared and if you take your children, please talk to them. Prepare them for the movie and then talk to them afterwards.

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