What Happens at the Equinox

1. Do you get a spring break? No break for this worker bee. 😦

2. Some of us are pretty casual about spring cleaning. Others go to it with a lot of gusto. Which are you? Depends on my mood which is usually extremely casual. <– read "no spring cleaning at all"

3. Is planting flowers or a vegetable garden on the agenda? Not this year. I’m not planting much of anything so that I can poison the hell out of our yard and try and get rid of poison ivy.

4. Do you suffer from allergies and do they get worse in the spring? I’ve just recently started developing some allergies, but they aren’t really bad and I haven’t noticed them getting worse in the spring.

5. How will you celebrate Easter this year? Hmmmm, I doubt we will do anything.

Brought to you by Sunday Brunch!

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