Give Me Some Pink Dye Too!

American Idol night once again. This is a genre that I can totally dig. I know it probably doesn’t fit in with the “Pop Idol” theme, but this is the American Idol so it fits just fine. I do need to say that Paula and Randy need to shut up and let Simon finish a sentence. I don’t always agree with the pompous ass, but he let’s them give their $.02. He deserves the same. Now on with the reviews

Pink ‘n Black (Diana Digarmo) – Great outfit. It really fit with the genre, but I didn’t care for this performance. She can afford a bad performance as far as I’m concerned. It wasn’t terrible but her voice was a little pitchy. I do think it was a poor song choice because I don’t think her fan base will be able to relate. She had a powerfully good ending but will that be enough to keep her out of the bottom three?

Guy Smiley (George Huff) – He had a bad opening but it got much better. I wasn’t expecting him to do well with a country song. I don’t think it was great. In fact he could end up in the bottom three this week. I must agree that losing the “mushtash” was a good idea.

Lips (Fantasia Barrino) – Excellent! Superb! She is a star. She looked gorgeous and she nailed a song that I didn’t think she could do justice. Wow! Definitely one of the top performances. (note: Simon is in a mood. I disagree with his comment even if I do believe that he had a right to make it. 2nd note: I don’t care how cute, sassy and funny you are…don’t mouth off to the judges)

Red (John Stevens) – Wow! Another top performer. Excellent song choice and he looked great. I’m disappointed that he forgot the words, but he did get through without breaking a sweat. Even with the flub it was another top performance.

E. Bonnie Echs (Camille Velasco) – While it was one of her best performances, I just didn’t care for it. She forced in too many runs, vocals were shaky as always. The hand gestures were overboard too. I’d send her home. We’ll see what America does.

Catwoman (Jennifer Hudson) – This is the night for “bad starts”. Jenn got a bad start but she picked it up. She had a few bad notes toward the end too. It was a fair performance…not great and not terrible. She looked beautiful though!

Twinkle Toes (Jon Peter Lewis) – He might be going home. It’s hard to say, because as the judges mentioned, the chicks dig him. I love the song he chose, but I just didn’t care for his rendition. It was pitchy and shaky and I think he knew it.

Flower Girl (Jasmine Trias) – Well, I hoped to start this off by saying she had a bad start but she really had a bad performance. She was off key for most of the performance but she can probably afford it. She’s been superb until tonight.

Bear (Matt Rogers) – He really connects with the camera and I love that grin. It was a weak and safe performance. I can’t say much except, I hope he doesn’t leave tomorrow but it is a possibility.

Tiny (Latoya London) – This was a fun and exciting performance. She worked the crowd and she enjoyed herself. You know, I’m not sure that she really could pick a song in this genre that would truly showcase her vocal talent, so I think she made a good decision to just go with something fun.

Pinkie (Amy Adams) – Nailed it! Best performance of the evening. Whether or not she wins this competition, I hope like hell that she makes a country album and I’m going to buy it!

So, my top three picks are Pink and Lips; closely followed by Red. I think the bottom three will be E. Bonnie Echs , Twinkle Toes and Catwoman. I’m guessing that E. Bonnie Echs will go home.



  1. March 24, 2004 at 2:42 am

    I agree with most of what you said. Although, and I could be wrong, I just don’t see Matt Rogers or John Peter Lewis in the bottom three tomorrow. Total knock-out performances by Amy Adams and John Stevens.

    Although… Looking back, maybe I would have to pick one of them to round out the bottom three. Camille and Jennifer for sure… Not sure who the third will be. :eyebrow:

  2. March 24, 2004 at 3:35 am

    You know me… I’ll root for Matt Rogers on name alone. Plus I love the smile.

  3. brilly said,

    March 25, 2004 at 5:23 am

    I’ve really enjoyed your critiques. I’m looking forward to this sundays show. They don’t tell us the weeks theme, so I’m happy to learn that I’ll be listening to a little country music on Sun.

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