Can't you just rip out my spine and be done with it?

I’m in such a funk! My back is absolutely killing me. I had yesterday off from work but I couldn’t enjoy it because of the pain. Mike and I were supposed to go out for our anniversary dinner last night but I canceled because of the pain. I was really looking forward to dinner and I’m so bummed. I did break down and go to the doctor yesterday and I’m scheduled to go back in this morning. I’m nervous as hell though. I’m going to see a chiropractor and I just don’t think I’m really comfortable with that. I don’t doubt that the doctor will be helpful. The problem is that most people I know that have ever gone to a chiropractor find themselves going on regularly scheduled visits. Almost like an addiction. They can’t function well until their body is perfectly aligned.

I can’t do that! I usually come off as a pretty tough person. I’ve been through a lot in life and not much scares me. I do, however, have a genuine phobia of doctors and medicine. I force myself to go to the doctor when I need to but I hate it. I will rarely take over the counter pain medication because of this same phobia. I have to force myself to finish a prescription and consequently have a few unfinished prescriptions in the medicine cabinet because of this phobia. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I just can’t help it. I can’t end up going for regular visits to see any doctor. If I do that, I’m going to end up with a heart problem or ulcer and then I’ll really be “up the creek without a paddle”. Okay, okay, I know this all sounds irrational. I’m usually very rational this is just one of those times when I’m not.

But enough about my insanity. I’ve got to brush out this mop before I leave for my 9 am appointment. I can feel the butterflies and heart palpitations already.


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  1. Firebrand said,

    April 4, 2004 at 12:55 am

    It is hard to be rational when one is in a lot of pain. *hugs* I hope that the chiropractor is able to help get you started down the right path.

    The key reason that people continually go to a chiropractor is because we are always doing something to cause damage to our spine’s alignment. A simple slip can cause problems. Sleeping in a bad position can cause problems. It’s an every day thing….which is why people go to a chiropractor on an ongoing basis. It’s not simply to correct injuries from car accidents and what-not. Chiropractic is a health care philosophy. When your spine is aligned properly, nerves can function properly and your body just works better.

    Now, aside from my recent health concerns (which are related to a virus mostly), I have been extremely healthy these past few years. Incidentally, I have also been seeing a chiropractor for the past 4+ years. I don’t feel that it’s a coincidence.

    May I ask why you feel that you’ll end up with heart problems or an ulcer or something if you go to a doctor continually…? I’d bet you anything that if you find the right chiropractor, you’ll look forward to seeing him/her. šŸ™‚

    Hope you feel better soon!

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