All Work and No Play

Sunday Brunch:

1. What is the longest you’ve held a job?
I think that my current job is the longest I’ve held. I’ve been there for about 5 years.
2. Do you like your job?
Until Thursday, I loved my job. I’ll have to let you know at a later date if I still do. No worries though. I’m not one of those people that believes you need to love your job. My happiness and my life all takes place between the front and back door of my home. Work is just the way I make the mortgage.
3. Do you get along with your co-workers?
I get along with all of them, but there are some that I like more than others.
4. Have you ever been fired?
Nope. I certainly hope I never have to experience that feeling.
5. Are your work hours during the day, evening or do they vary?
I work Monday-Friday. Your typical 8-5 job with a few hours of overtime every week.

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