Forget the kids, WTF is wrong with parents these days?

Foul language alert!

I’m so damned pissed off right now, I could spit bullets. :angry: When we bought our first home, we didn’t take into consideration the residents we may encounter in the large-house-converted-apartments next door. It is obvious to us that these are slum apartments. The house is dilapidated, the parking is inadequate and the tenants are obviously struggling to make ends meet.

That part doesn’t bother me. Mike and I paid our dues. We lived in a shack for several years. We barely had 2 pennies to rub together. When we first moved into our new home there was a family (two parents and 3 kids) living in one of the apartments next door. We often saw their children in our driveway playing and occasionally in the yard. We rarely saw the parents. I didn’t want them in the yard, we have an unfenced retaining wall around our back yard that would be an easy place to get an injury. Little did I know, the retaining wall was the least of our problems. I came home from work one day and they were on the roof of my garage. The gutter was damaged in the spot where I’m guessing they climbed up. I called them down off the garage and asked them to take me to their apartment. I met their mom and explained the situation. She assured me that they wouldn’t be up there again. Thankfully, they weren’t. I did still catch them in my yard on many occasions. I had a bird bath filled with decorative stones. They eventually walked off with all the stones. We talked to the parents a few times, but they moved out before any significant changes were made. At least the parents and even the kids (on some level) were receptive.

Now there are people living in an apartment. I’m not sure if there is a mom but I know there is a dad and three young boys. The boys are all probably under the age of 11. We’ve never…I repeat, never…seen the parents outside with them. These kids have foul mouths like you couldn’t imagine. During the winter when they were out playing in the snow I caught them urinating in my bushes. They run all over the neighborhood without any supervision. I’ve seen them pushing around a shopping cart that they must have taken from somewhere. Then Mike caught them on the roof of the garage. He instructed them to get down and informed them that they shouldn’t be in the yard let alone on the garage.

WTF? :grumble: Two sets of kids with no respect for other people’s property. Last weekend we cleaned out our basement. We threw out a lot of junk. At some time during the day, Mike caught them going through our garbage. They tore up the bags trying to dig through it. Mike went out and asked what they were doing and they ignored him. So, he asked again a little louder and a more stern. They responded this time with a nonchalant, “we are looking for something in your trash” type of response.

πŸ˜• Should we have to tell them this is unacceptable? Shouldn’t this be something that their parents are teaching them? After a couple of confrontations shouldn’t they be a little intimidated? A couple of days ago one of the other tenants came by and told Mike that these kids were causing problems. She tried to talk to their father but he became confrontational and threatening. I don’t doubt it. I’ve seen this guy and something about him just strikes me as being unreasonable and difficult.

Now for the clincher. Yesterday I heard the kids walking by the house. One of them called out to the other and exclaimed that he had something that could be spray painted. :doh: Scary thought, but he wasn’t on my property and the object in hand was an old piece of concrete. So, we went about our business. Again, I shouldn’t be the one keeping an eye on these kids. That isn’t my fucking job. Well, we went out this morning to find “Jim” spray painted on our driveway and some marks painted on the side of our garage. As well as a heap of garbage, toys and a baby walker on the side of the garage that we proceeded to toss over the retaining wall into the apartment courtyard.

:bad: The last fucking straw kids. I sure do wish we lived in a time when I could fire a round or two off from a damned shot-gun with a not-to-be-reckoned-with threat to stay off my property or else.

The part that gets to me the most is that I shouldn’t have to! I shouldn’t be the one that finds these brats on my garage. Someone else (<– read parent) should have busted them during their painting shenanigans, walked them over to my house for a verbal apology and then made them scrub the graffiti with a damned toothbrush. I don’t hate children. I don’t hate these little monsters in particular. More and more as time goes by I really fucking hate parents. :angry:



  1. Firebrand said,

    April 5, 2004 at 5:21 am

    😯 I think I’d be asking my strong, manly husband to walk over to that apartment with me and demand to know if one of those boys’ names is Jim! And if he’s as much of an ASS as he seems to be, then I think I’d just give your city’s finest a call and document what they did. Tell them exactly who you think did it and why. Maybe something will come of it.

    I’d also be calling CPS. I know I used to run around with my friends, but we were NEVER that obnoxious. We wouldn’t have dreamed of going through someone else’s property like that!

  2. Scott said,

    April 5, 2004 at 12:01 pm

    Ummm… Can you contact their landlord? The owner of the “house” itself should be responsible for the damage as well you’d think. At any rate, he needs to be informed about his problem tenants.:grumble:

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