Baby Mine

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If your friend could not have a child, would you carry her child for her or approve of your spouse/partner carrying a child for her?
I don’t think I would. There is a good possibility that I cannot bear my own children. I have a couple of wonderful and kind friends that have offered to carry a child for me. While I appreciate the gesture, I wouldn’t ever go that route. I know that I’d be a good parent and together Mike and I can offer a child a wonderful and loving home. If I cannot have my own child, I believe that is God’s way of telling me that there is another child out there already that needs our love. There are enough children without parents and homes, I wouldn’t go through extreme, emotional and expensive measures to bring another child into this world when my child may already be out there waiting for me. I would believe the same for someone else and don’t think I could (in good conscience) carry another person’s child.

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