Proud To Be An American

1. What makes your country special?
I don’t have enough web space to tell you all of the great things about my country. So, I’ll just name a few. I live in a country where I can tell you I love my country….or….if I didn’t love my country, I could tell you that too. I live in a country where you can vote for a President. You can dislike an elected President and speak freely about it. You will have the opportunity to cast another vote in four short years. I live in a country where I’m free. Free to walk around without fear. Free to speak my mind. Free to…well you get where I’m going right? The list goes on an on.
2. What makes your hometown special?
I don’t really have a hometown. I was born in Omaha. Then I moved all over the place. I guess I spent most of my time in Omaha so I’ll call that my hometown. Can you call constant construction, confusing roads and rude people special. I can’t. There isn’t much I like about Omaha these days.

3. What makes your neighborhood special?
Have you seen my recent entries? I’m not feeling to keen on my neighborhood these days either. Alright, alright…..on the bright side….the neighbors on our North side haven’t ever bothered us.

4. And your loved ones – what is it about them???
I can go on at length about how wonderful my handsome hubby is. He’s as sweet at you can possibly imagine. He is devastatingly handsome. He is talented and intelligent. He is my dream come true.

5. And finally you – what is it that is unique about you…???
I’m a survivor. There isn’t much you can throw my way that I can’t endure. I’ve survived child molestation, parental abandonment, drug addictions…the list goes on. I may whine and rant a little from time to time but there isn’t anything that I can’t handle.

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