Life is Fun and I'm Feeling Groovy

Well, color me bi-polar, but I’m feeling so much better. It is incredible how much easier it is to handle every day crap when you aren’t in pain. Granted, there has been some major crapola going on, but I can usually shrug off this kind of stuff pretty easy but not when I’m in such excruciating pain.

Well, I’m not sure I buy into the lifelong chiropractic treatments nor does my insurance. Coventry Health Care will pay for 8 weeks of chiropractic care. My chiropractor says I need at least 10 weeks. Well, she’s going to get the 8 weeks that my insurance will pay for and no more, because I can’t afford it. Besides, after 1 week I feel about 80% better.

Then there is another discomfort that I have been enduring for about 2 years. Both of my big toes had ingrown toenails. That’s right I said “had”. I had them permanently removed yesterday. I didn’t even realize how sore my toes were until I had this horrible procedure where they cut out my toenail, dug out the root of the nail and then burned it with a chemical so it will never grow again. Yet here I sit with less pain in my toes than I’ve had for the past two years.

Just walking in to work today and I had a better outlook. I believe that regardless of whether or not my company made a mistake, my former-boss will be better off. His family is all in Canada and he’s been missing them terribly. His wife has been spending a lot of time there. Now they can move back there and get to spend more time with there children. I’m actually excited for him.

As for my new boss. I don’t know anything. He hasn’t taken more than two minutes to talk to me since last week. I’m feeling uneasy, but I know that whatever happens, I’m going to be just fine.


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  1. mike said,

    April 9, 2004 at 12:10 pm

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, Baby.

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