Darn Near Monday…

Wish me luck. I get to work with the new boss on Monday. I hope all goes well. I spent all day Friday, re-organizing my workspace. I’m planning on starting brand new on Monday. I’m feeling so much better. I still get a little sore and stiff in the mornings but after a while I’m good as new. The doc assures me that will get better too.

I guess I’ve been bit by the spring cleaning bug. Not only did I clean and reorganize at work but hubby and I cleaned the upstairs. It has been beyond a mess for quite a while. The basement and the upper floor have a tendancy to be a “catch all” for anything and everything that we don’t have an immediate need for. Since it was a little chilly out this weekend, it seemed like a good time to do it.

Our upper level has a lot of character to it. I’d love to give it a more finished look sometime in the future, but for now it has a lot of character.

It is a finished attic. Well semi-finished. We have discovered that the previous owners did a lot of things themselves. I’m sure they had the best of intentions, but sometimes we find thing and all we can do is shake our heads. (Like a garage built out of cinder blocks).

None the less, they managed to do some very interesting things too. Our finished attic is a great example. It is basically a very long room running the width of the house. The East half of the room, is spacious. There is plenty of room for our bed, two nightstands, a tv stand and more. You’ll note the bed is on the floor. We just recently did that in an effort to help with my back problems. I think it has helped, therefore it is going to stay there until we can afford to get a new matress.
The East Half

The center of the room has a lot of difficult to use space. The staircase entering the room (not shown) comes up right in the middle of the floor. Right now, we just have our dresser positioned on the South side of the room. You can also see a small dormer/cubby space just behind the dresser.
The Center With Dormer

Then there is the West half of the room, with another larger dormer of the far West end. You can see one of our armoires and some of Mike’s toys. In the last two pictures you get a glimpse of a couple of the built ins.
The West Half

There are several built ins. At all 4 corners of the room, there is a space built into the wall just large enough for a twin bed. Below each bed are three doors. There are also 4 small half closets built into 4 corners and one built in chest of drawers. This is one of the beds complete with a porthole light. This is built into the West end dormer and there is another directly across from it.
The Built In Beds
West Dormer More Built Ins

We have removed the mattresses from the front beds and use them for storage.
Storage One Storage Two

Finally this is the small dormer mentioned earlier. It is really just dead space. Right now it is acting as more storage.
The Built In Beds

All in all I think it is pretty clever. I’d love to replace that panelling with real walls some day, but that is a long way out. I probably should have taken before pictures, because you wouldn’t believe it. I’d have been too embarassed to post them anyways. :blush:

I’d also like to finish off this doozy of a post by announcing that I broke my sushi goal by 1 lb. I have officially lost 21 lbs! :clap:



  1. Bryan...ain't got no bus pass! said,

    April 12, 2004 at 2:07 am

    No specific comment, just love the look of what you’re doing, hon. Very nice. How was the sushi?

  2. Firebrand said,

    April 12, 2004 at 5:32 am

    Congrats! Both on the cleaning and the weight loss! That’s an awesome feeling, isn’t it? :clap:

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