It Is That Time of Year

With any luck, you’ll be seeing less of me. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to get my hands in the dirt. About this time of the year, gardening becomes an overwhelming obsession for me. Yes, yes, it isn’t a hobby, it is an obsession.

Someone with my obsessive/compulsive/anal retentive tendencies doesn’t just garden. Last year, I spent a great deal of time preparing a garden book. Complete with a table of contents, time-line and detailed care guide for every flower currently in my garden.

THE Book Peony Page

This house is fairly new to us. The first year we were here, we didn’t do anything with the yard. It gave me a chance to see what was already here and what I wanted to do. Last year was really the first year, I got in and started making some changes. Last year we also found out that we have a poison ivy problem in our yard. This year I’m not going to do a lot of new planting in the yard. I’m going to nurture the existing foliage and flowers and we will focus on killing the weeds and poison ivy. Right now I have a few different flower beds. The owners before us started a nice looking perennial bed next to our patio. I’ve removed some of the plants and added a few to that bed. They also planted some tulips along the house. They had another perennial bed on the back of the house. I removed that entire bed and replaced it with a Zinnia bed/butterfly garden. I added a perennial bed along the garage. Well, “added” isn’t quite accurate. I planted several baby plants and a handful survived. We had two peony bushes, that my husband accidentally poisoned. Luckily one of them came back last year and it looks like they both are back this year. I added some more Peonies last year too.

Even though I won’t be doing a lot of planting, I’ve got a lot of preening and fertilizing to do. Let me share some of the beauty that makes me soooo happy this time of year:

red and white tulip border
These are the some of the tulips along the house.

We have some yellow daffodils that have come and gone before I managed to get a picture. There are also some pink tulips that are just now blooming.

bleeding hearts
These are the bleeding hearts planted in the perennial bed by the previous owners

Here are some phlox I planted last year by our patio.

This week, I’d like to get my existing flowers fertilized. I’d like to get my Zinnia bed seeded. This weekend, I’d like to pick up a few annuals to plant in the pots on the patio. More pictures to follow!

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