Noises Off!

Saturday, the hubby and I went out for a lovely night of sushi and theater with our friend over at The sushi at Matsu Sushi was wonderful and our waiter was a delight, as always. My husband, who doesn’t eat sushi, had a delicous curry beef. Scott and I enjoyed a rainbow roll, dragon roll, philadelphia roll, crunchy roll, sake and egg custard. Then on to the show. We saw Noises Off at the Omaha Community Playhouse.

Brief synopsis: “This frantically funny farce within a farce takes you behind the scenes of a third rate acting troupe?s latest play. The ?show? performed by the actors is hilarious enough, but wait until you see what?s going on backstage! You?ll commiserate with the cast as actors stampede in and out of doors, voices rise and trousers fall. This show is a joyous reminder that the theatre really does go on–even when the show falls apart. This show provides comic delirium that rocks the house; the whole audience will be reduced to helpless hysteria. Pure fun!”

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! My hats off to this stellar cast. I can’t even imaging how difficult this play would have been to pull off. They moved non-stop as well as prattled off a very wordy script. This was the loudest audience I’ve ever heard at the playhouse with the exception of the sing-along-Sound-of-Music. The audience was rolling with laughter. The choreography behind this production was absolutely amazing. I’ve seen this movie, but didn’t remember it until the play started. I remember thinking the movie was funny, but I really think the theatrical effects are what make this production. It is easy to do this show when you have the luxury of re-shoots, special effects and stunt actors….

Props to the cast and the playhouse for a laughter-filled riot of a production! Thanks also to my husband and friend for a lovely evening.

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