Van Helsing – 3 fl0w3rs

This was a very interesting Vampire movie. It was amazing how they managed to tie in Dracula, Frankenstein and werewolves into the same flick. I know it is terribly difficult to imagine how that could possibly work but it did. The whole show was a little on the hoakie side. Key to a good hoakie flick is the “one-liners” and “zingers” that make you laugh. While there were several “one-liners” there were only a few funny ones. Another place it needed some help…special effects. Some of the effects were just crappy. I’m not sure if they were trying to do too much with not enough budget because some of the effects were excellent. It was inconsistent at best. I have to give out some major kudos for action. This movie kept you on the edge of your seat with some amazing stunt work. Over-all, I’m somewhere in the middle on this one. I love Vampire movies though and this was definitely a good Vampire flick.

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