What Would You Do?

Sunday Brunch

Everyone has different reactions to different situations. So, what would you do if you came upon the following…

1. A person obviously struggling to keep their head above water in a pool or lake.
I don’t have any lifeguard training but I’m a darn good swimmer. I’d try and save them.

2. You find a $100 bill on the floor in a store.
Alright, let’s stop with the load of bull. I’d keep it. Finders, keepers, eh.

3. A dog or cat with a broken leash wandering aimlessly in your neighborhood.
I always try and rescue the strays. Even when I’m driving and I see a loose dog, I want to pull over and try to rescue them.

4. A person you don’t know knocks on your door in the middle of the night claiming they have an emergency situation and want to use your telephone.
You know, if my husband were home. I’d approach the situation with him. Since he works nights and I’m alone. I’d be very leary. I would evaluate the individual and try and decide if it is safe. Even if I didn’t think so, I’d call through a window that I’d put my phone on the back porch for them or I’d call police or rescue for them.

5. You see a car veer off the road and into the ditch.
I’d call for help and I’d pull over to see if I could help.

So, overall, I’m helpful but greedy. LOL

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