Whew, what a goodday!

Well, I went in for more blood work this morning and visited the OB/GYN for the first time at 2 pm. I really like her. To respect her privacy, I’m just going to call her Dr. Lucy going forward. Mike and I had to answer a few medical history questions. Then we went into an ultrasound room. Which comforted me, because I was hoping to get an early ultrasound, but Mike thought that was a bad sign. We waited in that room for a while. I knew there would be a wait since she was already fully booked, but fit us in anyways since there were concerns.

My mind was spinning. Was everything okay? Was it ectopic and that was causing bleeding? What would we find out? Finally Dr. Lucy showed up. As I mentioned before, I really like her. She has the kind of personality that anyone would be comfortable with. I felt at ease the moment she came in. She talked to us a little first and informed me that I was still pregnant and my hormone levels were rising which was a very good sign. She proceeded to do the exam. I must admit, my husband has been taking this all like a champ. I would think it might be a little uncomfortable for a man to be a part of that process for the first time. He handled it all like a pro.

After the exam she said that everything looked really good. Then she did the ultrasound. We got to see the baby for the very first time. While it was very comforting to see, it was uneventful…until she moved the wand a little and zoomed in, then we saw the steady flutter of a heart beat. It was amazing. We saw our little dot baby and we saw it’s heart beat.

Dr. Lucy also informed us that the risk of miscarriage decreases to 10% after detecting a heartbeat. I’m feeling pretty good right now. After a tough and long weekend, I needed this up beat news!

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