Take This Job And Shove It

Well, I know one thing is for certain. If stress can cause a miscarriage, my job ain’t helping this situation any! Aside from the fact that I’ve worked two 12-hour days without a lunch break, let alone any other breaks…I had to stop through a high-priority deadline project today, just so I could go to the bathroom and breathe. Being drawn and quartered like that was making me stress and I was starting to cramp. The two may not have been related, but I couldn’t take the chance. So, I went into the bathroom and hung out for about 5 minutes, just breathing and doing my best to think happy thoughts.

It is amazing to me that my boss knows that I had bleeding this weekend. He knows I was mandated to bed rest. He knows that I had to miss work Monday, because of it. It is almost like he’s trying to make it so hard that I leave on my own. Perhaps, I’m being too conspiracy minded, but I can’t help but wonder.

On an up-note, the pregnancy calendar has some interesting news today:

Baby’s eye lens pits, optic cups and nasal pits begin to form.

So much is going to develop between now and the 23rd (my next doctor’s visit). I hope they do another ultrasound. I can’t wait!

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