Take That, Environment!

Thursday was a bad, bad day! After leaving work over my lunch hour to deliver some Avon orders to a bank in West O, my car broke down about 5-10 minutes away from work on the interstate. I just happened to look at the gauge and see that the car was as hot as it could possibly be. I was right at an offramp when I saw it, so I shot off the offramp and into the first gas station. I waited there for an hour and a half for the car to cool down enough to add water and coolant. It was too !@#$ing hot for that. I was already a little overheated, since the air has been broken in the car for a while. So, after I add water and coolant, I head back to work since I’m already over-extended on my lunch hour. My customers are going to have to wait…

So, I jump back on the interstate. I watch the gauge rise again, which isn’t surprising since it is a hot day, but quickly it rises too high and I’m in the danger zone. Fortunately, I’m at another off-ramp so I shoot off again and into another gas station. (Being broken down on the side of the interstate, terrifies me.)

Now, I’m hosed. It’s hot. My car is toast. I have no way to get back to work. I’m not a happy girl. Well, someone from work is nice enough to come and get me and my hubby is wonderful and handles all the towing and service arrangements, since I lost two hours from my workday and couldn’t spare any more.

The next day we get the news back on the car. The water pump needs to be replaced…$500. The alternator bearing (or something like that needs replaced)…$300. In order to fix the AC, they would have to do some electrical testing and they couldn’t even begin to provide an estimate. Yowza! On an old car that we don’t really want anymore anyway.

After the terrible winter storms we had in our area, my husband and I decided that we needed at least one 4 x 4 vehicle. So, we’ve been shopping other people’s vehicles on the road. We’ve been looking at used car circulars and rubber necking at every dealership, since then. This whole event clenched the deal. It was time. We wanted to have more saved that we could put down on the vehicle, but I’m not driving that car again. So, we did it!

We are the proud new owners of a 2002 Ford Explorer. The mileage is good. The price was great. It is a “Certified Pre-owned Vehicle” so it has already had inspections and some service done. It looks new…nothing about this big, beautiful, red, S.U.V. looks used. I love it. I’m so happy.

We couldn’t do this, if it weren’t for my husband’s second job. Thanks, Baby for working so hard for us. I love you bunches! I love my SUV bunches…almost as much as I love you. 😉

pictures to come later



  1. otto said,

    August 28, 2004 at 8:40 am

    Well congrats on your new vehicle, fl0w3r! I’m sorry that you had to be broken down twice though; being broken down on the interstate would terrify me too….Have a great weekend!!

  2. Firebrand said,

    August 29, 2004 at 9:57 pm

    Awesome! 🙂 Congrats, hon!

    I’d love to have a SUV….at least a small one… but, as I won’t be needing a new car anytime soon, I’ll just wait for a while longer.

    Suppose I can get a ride the next time we get a foot of snow? 😉

  3. Scott said,

    August 30, 2004 at 11:55 pm

    Can I get a “w007!!!!!!!!!” :clap:

    I suppose I can roll around in the backseat now!! 😀

  4. mike said,

    August 31, 2004 at 6:00 pm

    You can roll around in the back seat of the Tracer. We can’t afford the gas to make the trip to Omaha… :sigh:

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