The Little Sprout

Back dated August 23, 2004

It was sooo cool. We had another ultrasound done on Monday and there was so much more to see. The doc refers to the baby as sprout, so I’ve decided to follow suit until we know the gender. Still doesn’t look like too much in the picture, but we got to see a lot more during the actual ultra sound. We got a better view of the hands, feet, head and we got to see the heart beat again. I put some arrows on the picture to help visualize the little feet and hands. Mike thinks Sprout looks like a gummy bear. šŸ™‚

The doc gave Sprout and I a clean bill of health. She said, my labwork from the last visit showed everything as being normal, including my blood sugar. My blood pressure was normal too. Sprout is right were he/she should be and has grown just the right amount.

Just two weeks and we are going public!

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