Yittle, Bitty Sprout

On Friday, September 10th, the calendar said:

Tiny phallus forms which could be penis or clitoris; perineum formed.

There is a picture of this in one of my books and it is the craziest thing. It is a picture of genitalia that so eerily resembles both sexes it is bizarre. Then I was reading about how the intestines start developing outside of the baby along the umbilical cord. Then once the baby is large enough to accomodate they manage to get inside. How in the heck does that happen?? More and more, each day, I realize how much of a miracle pregnancy and child birth is.

Then on September 11th:

Urethral fold extends into phallus, and genitalia now show male characteristics if a boy.

…and from what I can tell, at the end of this week, girl parts would be formed. The downside to all this genitalia forming is that we still aren’t going to be able to see it in an ultrasound. That is probably still about 9 weeks away.

On September 15th:

Your baby’s face now has a human profile and prominent chin. The iris is forming: his/her eyelids will temporarily fuse shut.

Oh, I try to imagine our baby’s face. What parts will look like Mike? What parts will look like me? Will he/she have Mike’s brown eyes, or the very prominent blue/green eyes from my Dad’s side. You know typically, I wouldn’t question this one, since odds are in favor of the brown eyes, but you have no idea how prominent the eyes are on my Dad’s side. My Dad has them….all of his siblings…his children (both from different wives and one with brown eyes)…his grandchildren…my cousins. It seems to me that it is a possibility. I dream of my eye color with Mike’s dark, thick hair and long, curly eyelashes. His complexion would be nice. As far as mouth and nose, we are both pretty cute in that area. I have teeny, tiny ears. That would be cute on a baby, but Mike’s hearing is sooooo much better than mine.

The possibilities are endless and it is fun to day dream, but truth be told, I really just want this little one to be healthy and strong.

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