My Cup Runneth Over

As my baby spends a good portion of the day and night reminding me that he/she is there with kicks, punches and nudges, I can’t help but recall a day that I shared with you just about 8 months ago. It was a post that was full of some very serious emotions. It was both happy and sad. It was the day my husband and I seriously considered the fact that I may never be able to get pregnant.

My husband has always had faith that everything would happen, when and how it was supposed to. I didn’t share that faith. I do now. We’ve been blessed. In fact, we are even better than blessed….we have been given a miracle. I truly believe, with all of my heart, that this baby is our miracle. A gift from God. Maybe even a lesson wrapped up in a beautiful package handed to me from God. A lesson to show me that I don’t have control over everything…That my life isn’t JUST what I make it…That it is okay to have faith and hand things over to God sometimes.

Thank you God, for giving me this gift. Thank you Mike, for showing me how to have faith.



  1. Firebrand said,

    December 22, 2004 at 8:41 pm

    You both are truly blessed, m’dear… *hugs*

    Wish I had that kind of faith myself…

  2. otto said,

    December 24, 2004 at 3:58 pm

    What a beautiful way to put those thoughts into words, fl0w3r! God Bless all of you! And have a Merry Christmas! =)

  3. Michele said,

    December 24, 2004 at 9:48 pm

    Merry Christmas to you and Mike and of course, the baby. What a wonderfullife….what wonderful friends. I love you all and am thankful for your friendship and support. Big hugs to all. LOL

  4. December 26, 2004 at 1:29 am

    May all your wishes come true!

    Happy Holidays! Hope you have a wonderful season!

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